Knowledge – hub platform is the result of activities conducted within the project “Strengthening the capacities of Local and National Stakeholders for Provision of Social Services,” which SRH Serbia is realizing with the help and support from the German Govornment Organization for International Cooperation– GIZ. This project is a part of a bigger, two year regional GIZ programme“Social Rights for Vulnerable Groups”, SoRi, and is directed at the improvement of availability, diversity and quality of social protection services for threathened, vulnerable groups: Roma, women, youth, persons living with disabilities, LGBT community and people living with HIV/AIDS. Through Drop in Center in Nis, Drop online in Belgrade, numerous extensive advocacy activities and networking with relevant institution and organizationsdealing with social and human rights protection as well as with anti– discrimination issues, SRH Serbia is contributing to the long-term life quality improvement of vulnerable groups listed above.